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Why Pure Simple Beauty?

Dermagram was founded on the need for simple uncomplicated skincare.

It's why we created science-led products that are
responsive to your skin. When you feed your skin with pure and botanical ingredients you'll see your skin calm, rebalance, heal.

This beauty is not harsh and does not strip. It does not have to require hours or more than a few steps.


With Dermagram, you can feel good about what
you put on your skin. In return, your skin radiates
with good health.



Proudly Swiss-Made

Switzerland has a rich herbalist heritage dating back to the Renaissance, and today the country embraces conventional medicine and traditional European treatments (TEM) side by side.

Dermagram continues this legacy, combining plant-based preparations and cutting-edge technology. Our dermal chemists blend and - rigorously test - concentrated biocompatible ingredients to deliver light, absorbent and effective formulations. We use ingredients with no additives, colorants or synthetic fragrances, that bring relief to sensitive and problematic skin.

Derma + Gram = A restorative skincare program
that soothes body and mind.

Naturally Good

Our EcoDerma blend of plant extracts and essences bursts with natural antioxidants to shield and protect your skin from environmental stressors. Blended with thermal spring water from Swiss spa centre, Bad Zurzach, products are anti-inflammatory and regulate your skin's pH balance for extremely effective, safe to use skincare.


Always Anti-Allergic

No more red, reactive skin or breakouts. Dermagram products are clinically tested and many carry our 6 Anti-Allergic Promises:

Fragrant Free.png

Fragrance Free
Lightly scented with natural herbal 
and botanical essences


Lightweight and Breathable

Lanolin free _ Clean emolient.png

Clean emollients
Lanolin and silicone free

Paraben Free.png

Paraben Free

Colorant Free.png

No irritating artificial 

colors or dyes



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